July 28, 2009

June 13th 2009 Honeymoon Day 6

In the morning we went downstairs to get breakfast served by the inn. They actually have a menu for breakfast, so we get to pick from among a few different choices such as sausage or pancake or fruit platters. I forgot what we ordered but it was delicious. I asked if we could stay one more night there, but the inn was all full. The innkeeper helped us find three other bed and breakfast places and we picked Centerboard Guest House as our next lodging.

Because we cannot check-in at the Centerboard until 3 pm, we put our stuff in the Union Inn lobby and went out to tour the town.

We got a map from the Union Inn and the innkeeper had told us about a walking route that will take us to see different parts of the Nantucket town. We followed that route and went towards a historic light house on the beach. People were waiting in line to go up the tower. We also waited in line and got up there to see the view from the higher vantage point.

For lunch, we walked to a sandwich place that the innkeeper recommended. It's called Something Natural. We later found out that it is a local favorite, and it is actually not easy to see unless you are specifically looking for it. It was in the midst of a residential area and we had to walk into a large driveway to see the shop which is like any other house. The inside reminded me of College Town Begal. The food was so-so, I thought. Maybe I didn't order the right thing, but the portion is definitely on the large side.

We walked along a residential area by the beach and there are several public access paths that goes to the beach. We went to the end and there was a hidden path that leads to a flight of stairs that goes down to the beach. To get back to town, we walked along the beach and decided to stay for a while, trying to enjoy some time on the beach, since it was a relatively nice day. The water is still too cold to swim, so we just stayed on the sand. There are a lot of shells and dead crab shells and seaweeds. That's very different from the beach I am used to in Hawaii, which is just sand and rocks. But we managed to find a spot without too much people traffic and stayed until we had to go becuase we reserved a spot for a sailing trip.

We went back to the pier and got onto a sail boat tour called Endeavor Sailing. The sail boat takes about 20 people, and we sailed out to sea for about 90 minutes. It was our first time on a sail boat. We both wanted to try it, but we thought the fishing trip was more fun, because we were actively engaged in the activity rather than just sitting and looking out on the water. Jenn did volunteer to help raise the sail on the boat, so everyone watched her pull hard on the ropes and see the huge sail went up.

After we came back, we went back to Union Inn to take our luggage to Centerboard, and then went out looking for a restaurant for dinner. We somewhat randomly chose to stop at a restaurant called Dune. It is a new restauarnt, has a modern and hip style inside, even though you can't tell that from the outside. The food was excellent, but the server was terrible. We were disappointed by the slow response and almost non-existent attention we were treated with.

After dinner, I had the idea of seeing sun set by the beach, so we try to run to the stairs that goes down to the beach. We were tired from all the walking around during the day, but we still made it. By the time we got there, which was around 8 pm, the sun had already gone down. It was also cloudy, so it wouldn't have been a clear sun set.

Our room at the Centerboard was a below grade room, so it feels somewhat damp. I wouldn't say I like it a lot, but for the price it was a good place to stay.

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