April 20, 2009

Lavender Sachets for Favors

For cost effective and useful favors, we bought bulk lavender from Glenbrook Farm and little sheer mesh baggies ($10 for 50) . We had them in two large baskets at the entrance of the church so that guests could grab one or a few as they walked in. During the send-off, our wedding coordinator organized the guests into two rows and tossed the lavender blossoms at us as we exited the church. A bunch ended up in my hair and my dress, but it was lots of fun and smelled really nice too. Guests could also take the sachets with them and use them at home to scent their closets.

April 17, 2009


Here are some bouquets ideas I loved.

Updated Checklist

  • Get engagement pictures - round 1:  3/7/09, round 2: 4/11/09, round 3: 4/25/09
  • Make guest book from engagement pictures - in progress
  • Assemble and send invitations - in progress
  • Finalize ceremony procedures
  • Make programs
  • Get ring boy and attire and accessories
  • Get or make gift card box or bird cage
  • Reserve or design and make centerpieces
  • Decide on decorations for church and reception hall, how to incorporate Chinese traditions
  • Choose playlist for reception music
  • Buy wedding bands - in progress
  • Buy gifts for attendants, parents, and each other
  • Plan church reception food and drinks
  • Buy unity candle
  • Pick out Bible verses
  • Make slide show
  • Plan games for wedding
  • DONE: Book hair and makeup 
  • DONE: Buy/make veil and tiara
  • DONE: Decide on location for getting ready, Stockade Inn
  • DONE: Buy dress for first dance and reception
  • DONE: Buy ballroom dance shoes
  • DONE: Get flower girl and attire and accessories
  • DONE: Buy QiPao
  • DONE: Choose song for first dance, start rehearsing - At Last, Etta James
  • DONE: Create website - Thanks Paul!
  • DONE: Identify ceremony coordinator - Angela Ledke, Joy Chen, Nuo 
  • DONE: Book Florist
  • DONE: Book videographer
  • DONE: Make or get favors 
  • DONE: Get marriage License

April 15, 2009

Tree Favors

The thought that our guests would plant a tree after they go home from our wedding was inspiring. Not only would we make an impact on reducing greenhouse gases, as the tree grows, our guests would also remember our special day. We didn't end up using this favor for a few reasons: 1. We had guests from abroad and wasn't sure if they would be allowed to bring botanicals home. 2. Lastly, what if they lived in an apartment, then the tree would go to waste?

I still love the idea though, maybe for a future baby shower when all guests will be local and have houses. These are only $1.99 each when ordering 100 or more.

April 13, 2009

Bulk Flowers for Center Pieces

Ordering bulk flowers is the way to go if you want to save money on center pieces. We had our wedding coordinator arrange the Calla lily center pieces while we and the guests were at the ceremony. They came out beautiful and no one could tell that they were not ordered from a florist.

Here are a few great sites for getting Calla lilies and other flowers bulk.

Peach colored Callas from pacificcallas.com, plus free shipping on all orders.

Standard White Calla Lilies, 35 inches long from Fifty Flowers

If I was more brave, I would get bulk flowers and make our own bouquets, but I didn't want the added stress and I'm really not that crafty. I'm glad we could at least same some money with bulk flowers for center pieces, thanks to our talented wedding coordinator's flower arrangement skills!
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