July 24, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Why Moms Need Dads

Moms are no doubt amazing at taking on the main role of child-rearing in most families. Our bodies change to accommodate the growing child, produce milk after the child is born, and survive on minimal hours of sleep. And dads just donate the sperm and are done with it? However, after millions of years of evolution, dads are still around, and for good reasons beyond just the sperm. Let's give credit where credit is due. Ladies, remember these reasons next time the toilet seat is left up and appreciate all the things dads do that are often taken for granted!

  1. Mowing and watering the lawn, weed-wacking action, trimming bushes and any renegade plant-life in the yards.
  2. Squishing or evacuating spiders, ants, mosquitos, and any unwelcome guests
  3. Taking out the trash and compost material
  4. Doing odd jobs around the house like fixing a leaky faucet, painting a wall, or installing a 3-way light switch
  5. Playing with the baby so mom can take a nap or take a shower
  6. Fixing the computer when the hard-drive fries or reconciling internet issues
  7. Doing most of the driving and carrying in and out the car seat which with ever increasing weight
  8. Moving heavy objects (rocker/glider, book shelf, bags of top soil, you name it...)
  9. Giving mom back massages (even though he needs a massage himself too)
  10. Praying blessings on our family and living out God's will

Got some more dad duties you'd like to share? Leave a comment below!

July 20, 2011

Birth Story Part III: Postpartum

This is the last part of my birth story, but really it's the beginning of the story of our life with our baby. It took me a while to finish this post because I feel like is not coming to an end yet and it has already been almost 5 months after Micah was born! It's still hard to believe that we have a baby on our hands now, although it seems like we've had him forever. Becoming a mom has been an incredibly transforming experience. Although I never felt I was missing anything, after Micah was born, I feel a new completeness and contentment that I never knew I could have. Holding him in my arms, even though he's heavy at times, truly makes me feel that it was all worth it, and excited at the same time at what the future holds. Now let me flashback to the Saturday night in March right after Micah's birth.

Having Milk

When Micah was born, he was slippery and wet, warm and cuddly, and vivacious! The first night he slept a lot which allowed us to get rested too. We breastfed at least every 2 hours, and I mostly did it lying down or reclined on the hospital bed. The nurses were pretty good at helping with latching on because the lactation consultant was out on medical leave. I just kept nursing the baby knowing that he's getting colostrum which is really good for him. My mom would ask me if I "had milk", and I would say "yeah, I think so." After all, the baby seems to calm down after nursing. Little did I know that "having milk" would feel totally different.

July 4, 2011

Top 5 Picks for Breastfeeding Moms

While breastfeeding is natural, free, and so easy once mom and baby gets the hang of it, the first few weeks can be extremely frustrating for new moms. I read the books and even went to a breastfeeding class so I thought I was prepared. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

A wise mom once told me, if you can breastfeed for 2 weeks, you can breastfeed for 2 years. I think its absolutely true, the first couple weeks were really rough. Although moms and babies are naturally equipped with everything they need to successfully breastfeed, these few items that really helped me cope during those early days and beyond.

1. Medela Hand Pump
After my milk came in a couple days after birth, my boobs were so engorged I thought they were going to explode. My doula told me that it wouldn't be helpful to pump because pumping would increase my milk supply and make me even more engorged. She recommended cold compresses between feedings to help calm the engorgement and hot compresses right before and during feedings to encourage the milk to flow. Also hand expressing with hot compresses was helpful. 

However, after the first 2 weeks past, I was so glad to have this hand pump because I still had an over supply of milk though not really engorged anymore. It was really nice to have an option to pump and store if baby was not hungry and I was very full, such as early mornings. The suction cup on this Medela pump is really soft, it's so much more comfortable than the Avent one I got for free from the hospital. Also it has a "let down" button on top of the lever which imitates baby's small sucks to encourage "let down". Once "let down" starts, I use the larger lever to pump milk more efficiently, (this imitates baby's longer sucking strokes as well).
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