March 1, 2017

Eco Friendly and Super Stylish and Comfy Clothes

Angela Wrap Tee $98
I want to share with you a brand of clothing that I have absolutely fell in love with for the past couple years! Not only is this brand beautiful, and comfortable, but everything is produced in a eco-friendly and ethical as well. The styles are timeless and versatile, I find myself pulling them out of my closet time and time again.

Did you ever wonder why a blouse from a department store can be discounted time and time again, making you feel like you got a great deal for 80% off plus another 15% off or something like that, but actually, the original price was grossly marked up to begin with? Even after such ridiculous discounts, they are probably still making money. The reason is that most of our clothes are made in countries like China, Vietnam, India where labor laws tolerate child labor and poor working conditions. The cost of each mass manufactured piece of clothing is next to nothing. Even major brands do this, it is really sad and appalling.

Further, the quality of these garments are questionable as well. I have owned many brand name pieces of clothing that fall apart after about 1-2 years of heavy use. Pants start to fray at the seams, and dresses lose their shape. While this might sound not surprising to you, I would argue that it wasn't always this way. Clothing used to be made with care and attention, sewed in such a way to prevent damage from wear. Just 40 or 50 years ago, it was not unheard of for quality pieces of clothing last 10 or even 20 years. Nowadays, we are trained to buy more and buy often. When clothing becomes worn, it's time to buy new clothes, change into new fashions and styles. I personally love clothes so I have no problem with this theory, but practically, it does eventually break the bank and create more work in storage and organization issues.

Let's not forget the fabrics themselves. Conventional cotton is the world's dirtiest crop, grown with a ridiculous amount of pesticide since it is not regulated as a food crop. The result is depleted soil and poisoned fibers. It would not be surprising to think that cotton clothing can carry a trace amount of pesticides with it. But even if there isn't, just the fact that the 5 of the top 9 cotton pesticides are proven carcinogens (cancer causing) should make you alarmed. Should we be supporting an industry that releases so much dangerous pesticides into our rivers and streams?

Is it possible to have fashion, style, and sustainability all in one brand of clothing? And most important, can we still afford it? In comes Amour Vert, meaning green love in French. My first piece, Donna Softest Leggings. These black leggings are made from Modal and Spandex. Modal is a fiber from the beech tree harvested sustainability. The first time I put these on, I knew I would never want to take them off. They are super soft and sleek, breathes well, and goes perfectly under any dress, long t-shirt or tunic. I think I literally wore these everyday or at least 4 out of 7 days of the week for a solid year, they are that good. The thin fabric makes it a perfect for Summer, Fall, and Spring. This year would be the 6th year since I made my first purchase, they are still elastic despite being through hundreds of washes. I finally decided to lay them to rest since a hole has developed on my left knee... but I consider this $68 money well spent for 6 years of constant wear. I'm already putting in my pre-order to get a replacement. Trust me, it's a closet staple you wish you owned years ago.

donna softest leggings amour vert black
Donna Softest Leggings $68

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