February 18, 2017

Big List of Things I Love from Amazon

This list is going to be a work in progress. I seriously have a love-hate relationship with Amazon. They just make it so darn easy to buy things from my phone! It's almost dangerous. Over the years, we have certainly made some good purchases that we love using everyday or at least a few times a week, and have stood the test of time! I hope this list helps you in your purchasing decisions. Please also feel free to share your favorite purchases in the comments.

Home Appliances/Cooking

Cordless Dyson Vacuum
Lightweight enough for kids to use. They actually fight over who gets to vacuum. WIN! The rechargeable battery powers for about 15 minutes of heavy vacuuming. Plenty enough for daily cleaning. We just recently replaced the rechargeable battery after more than 5 years of ownership, and still runs like new! Love the incredible durability and power of Dyson.

Non-stick Pancake Pan
Trust me, you need this pan! No more waiting, flipping individual pancakes while the hungry fam whine and complain. This pan makes 7 small-ish pancakes at a time. In my opinion the perfect size for portion control and for kids! My friend first introduced this to me because she uses these to make pork buns. Think small omelets, tiny crepes... the possibilities are endless!

Air Fryer
After a few months of contemplation, (Did I need another kitchen appliance? More importantly, do I have space in my kitchen?) I finally pulled the trigger on the air fryer. It certainly lives up to the hype and worth the money. So far I've tried chicken nuggests, fries, kale chips, sweet potato fries, friend chicken breast. I still prefer to do kale chips in the oven, (larger batch size) but everything was excellent! If you or your kids like deep fried things, and feel guilty about using a ton of oil, this little air fryer is an excellent tool. Healthy and easy to use. Highly recommend!

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