June 22, 2009

June 11th 2009, Honeymoon Day 4

After another night with calming ocean sound, we got up on Thursday morning and had breakfast again on the Balcony. That morning was slightly colder, but we still finished the breakfast looking out to the beach. We walked on the beach a bit but not many people were there. The water was too cold to go in for a swim. We took the bus to Edgartown, got our bike and continued our journey south towards the south shore. Just before reaching the beach on the south side, we saw the resort Winnetu, which is kind of out in the middle of nowhere but has nice access the the vast shoreline and beach on the south side of the island. We stopped the bike and went lie down on the beach for a while, just relaxing. It was a perfect day to bike. Afterwards we took a different way back towards Vineyard Haven, which is another town slightly north of Oak Bluffs. This bike path passes by the airport. On the way we eat a lobster roll in a diner next to an airfield that usually takes people on a biplane ride for sightseeing. That day they were not open probably due to weather. We kept going on the bike for a while until we got to Vineyard haven. The different towns looked quite similar, I thought. We walked around town, ate an ice cream sundae, and then biked back to Oak Bluffs to return the bike 5 minutes before 6 pm, which was the due time. The rental people already went home, but we called them to say that we did not return the bike late. For dinner, we had a fisherman's platter (fried seafood) and jumbo shrimp at a restaurant called Nancy's. The restaurant was on the harbor and had a view of the boats and water. Service was good and food was good.

We went back the the beach house to rest and plan for the next day, because we didn't know where we are going next. We decided to take the airplane to Nantucket because there was no direct ferry to the island. We also found a bed and breakfast there for Friday night which was reasonablely priced. After packing we went to bed early because we had to wake up early in the morning.

June 10th 2009, Honeymoon Day 3

In the morning, I got up and got breakfast from the dining area down stairs and brought it to our room to eat on the balcony while looking out to the beach. I thought that would be a nice thing to do to have our private breakfast together. The meal included orange juice, muffins, bagel with cream cheese, cheerios with milk, and waffle with syrup. It's not as fancy but we had enough food.

We took a nap before heading out of the inn. We walked to the town center of Oak Bluffs and checked out the several bike rental places to see what they offer. We decided to rent from King Rentals mostly because they are cheaper and the bike looked newer. We got the tandem bike which was bright red and looked like brand new. They gave us a chain and lock and off we went. Jenn was sitting in the back and she couldn't see where we were going because my back was blocking her view. It was scary for her in the beginning, but she got used to it after a while. We biked to Edgartown, which was another harbor town south of Oak Bluffs. It has more sail boats parked in the harbor and it has more small local shops for gifts and clothing. It was around 5 pm when we got there and we didn't want to ride the bike back thinking it will get dark soon after we have dinner in Edgartown. The bus doesn't take the tandem bike because it was too long, so we decided to go back by bus but leave the bike locked by the bus station. We went for a stroll in town and looked for a restaurant to have dinner. Jenn utilized her iPhone and found D├ętente. This was a small restaurant that is not very easy to find. It has a bar and a dining area with about 9 tables.

It was a Wednesday and the restaurant were full by 7 pm. All of the guests were couples. One couple was cerebrating their 20 something anniversary. The overall atmosphare was upscale and the service was excellent. The food was also excellent. We got a trio tartar with beef, scallops, and tuna for appetizer, and shared a flounder dish for entree. We also ordered dry rose Champaign and finally a bread pudding for dessert. It was a nice romantic dinner.

We went back to the bus station but we had to wait some 40 mintues for the bus, so we went into a near by shop called the Black Dog, a local brand that sells casual clothing for men and women and kids. We each got a bright yellow rain coat because we know it was going to rain the next few days and we were going to ride the bike back the next day.

After we came back by bus, which was a short ride, we walked around Oak Bluffs and saw what kind of stores they had. There was an arcade place and we went in to play. We played many different machines and got those tickets to exchange for toys. We played until the arcade was closed, at 10 pm, and walked back to the Beach House.

June 9th 2009, Honeymoon Day 2

Like I wrote last time, the bed at the Melville House was very comfortable. We had a good night's sleep. Breakfast was served at 10 am by the innkeeper Stan. We had muffins, banana bread, cereal & milk, orange juice, strawberries, and scrambled eggs. Everything was fresh and tastes organic. Stan says they try to be as organic as possible, which suits our style. Stan also gave us a tour of the house, which has a couple rooms used for their massaging service called the Bradley Technique. The house has more bedrooms on the second floor, which look out across the street to see other magnificent houses that were built in the 1800's.

After we packed up our luggage, put them in the car, we drove to the ferry service to see what time they have ferry to Martha's Vineyard. The ferry leaves at 6:30 pm, so we decided to walk around downtown and visit the whaling museum, one of the main attractions in New Bedford. The Whaling museum tells the history of the town, showing its past glories as a prominent whaling port and how it gradually faded into a historic town as the industry waned. The museum closed at 5 pm, and we went to a near by Thai restaurant called Spicy Lime. We didn't have much time, so we eat super fast and brought the main dishes with us as take outs to the ferry. We drove the car to the ferry's parking lot and took the shuttle from the parking lot to the ferry dock. Everything was just in time and we could have missed it if we didn't run down the street to the car from the restaurant.

There were only 4 other people on the ferry, which could easily carry a hundred. I guess it was a Tuesday and summer hasn't officially started yet. The ride was 1 hour and mostly smooth, except when the boat is out on the sea it gets a little wavy, not enough to get us sea sick.

We got to Martha's Vineyard, in the town of Oak Bluffs, and it was very cloudy and windy, and cold. I know our next lodging, the Isabelle's Beach House, is on the beach and should be a short walk from the ferry. We found the house in no time and checked in. After we recollect ourselves we went downstairs to microwave the Thai food and watched HG channel on the TV while enjoying the Bangkok fried rice and dunken noodles. Our room is on the second floor, has a small balcony on the side of the house and has a view of the beach and ocean. At night you can hear the waves hitting the shore, which is nice. The bed is not as comfortable as the previous night; just average spring mattress.

June 21, 2009

Yay! We are married!

Please check out our website: http://www.pcjz.info

We will also be posting pictures from the wedding and honeymoon! Thank you to all who helped out!

June 10, 2009

June 8th 2009, Honeymoon Day 1

We drove on I-90 East towards Massachusettes, passing by many little towns along the way. Paul drove the whole way, and Jenn couldn't help but fall asleep. Paul took pictures of Jenn falling asleep; she wakes up occasionally and wonders where she was. We arrived in New Bedford, MA in the evening. The bed and breakfast place is nestled within a historic residential neighborhood. We took our luggage inside, then went out to look for dinner. Few restaurants were still open at 9, but we found Freestone Grill and dined there. We ordered salmon and scallops and fish chowder and beer. The chowder was very good. They also had live music playing in the background very loudly; we couldn't really hear each other, plus Jenn had a sore throat and couldn't really talk. We used gestures and noise to communicate.

The room we stayed at is called the Garden Room, at the Melville House, which was a wedding gift from a whaling merchant to his daughter in the 19th century. Herman Melville (Author of Moby Dick) once stayed there when his sister was living in the house. Our room was nicely decorated and everything was organic, including the bedding, pillow, towels, and soap (Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap). The foam bed was very comfortable.
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