August 13, 2011

Our Favorite Disposable Diaper

We are all for using cloth diapers, economically and sustainability wise, it just works out. But there are times when disposables come in real handy. For long trips and overnight, we use disposable because it's easy and absorbent. I know some folks use cloth exclusively, but I just didn't feel like lugging around dirty cloth diapers! Cloth works really well for us at home, but when we are out for 3-4 hours at a time, it can be hard to find a place to change the baby. Since disposables are more absorbent, baby is ok not being changed for a bit longer than if he had cloth.

Now we've tried lots of brands of disposable diapers including Pampers, Huggies, Seventh Generation, the best one we found and settled on is Nature Babycare by Naty. Micah has never had diaper rash in these diapers and rarely has blow-outs. Since Micah reached 4 months old, we started not changing him in the middle of the night. He now lasts from 11pm to 7am in one diaper without any problems. Yay for sleep! Here are some key benefits:

Biodegradable: These diapers are made of 60% biodegradable materials in contrast to conventional brands which are often composed of up to 80% oil-based products which do not decompose easily. Conventional diapers can take hundreds of years to decompose, these decompose in a fraction of that time.

August 8, 2011

Our Birth Plan

Today Micah and I went on a spontaneous trip to visit a friend from church at St. Mary's hospital. We also stopped by the Childbirth Center there to say hi to the nurses and deliver a birth announcement card. I guess the announcement part was totally unnecessary since they were the first ones to find out, but I think they appreciate getting the card anyway. The nurses who helped us give birth were not there when we visited, but the other folks were delighted to see the now grown up (5 months!) Micah and will pass the card on. The visit led me to remember our birth experience and how lucky we were to have found such supportive hospital staff who were sensitive to our needs. 

Everyday, there are thousands of babies and moms who are not treated with evidence based care in this country. (Check out the movie section of this blog for a trailer of The Business of Being Born.) One way to make your wishes known is by writing a birth plan such as the one below. It's not so much a "plan" of how you want the birth to progress, but a list of preferences to help the hospital staff understand your needs. Feel free to use the following as a template for your own birth plan or you can also make one for free on the Earth Mama Angel Baby website.

August 2, 2011

Interview with Debra Goodman, Physical Therapist

Debra is a fantastic physical therapist specializing in pregnancy and postpartum fitness in the Capital Region. I had the pleasure of taking her prenatal exercise class when I was pregnant with Micah. Besides learning great exercises and feeling relaxed after each class, I also made great connections with other women in the class. I started to get sciatica in one hip starting at about 20 weeks pregnant, and after one private session with Debra, the pain nearly disappeared instantly. I've been recommending her class to all my pregnant friends ever since. In this interview Debra shares a bit about her own motherhood experience and offers practical tips for all expecting and postpartum moms. Enjoy!

How did you get interested in physical therapy and decide to pursue it as a career?
Growing up I was a dancer, so I was always interested in exercise and how the body worked.  Originally, when I went to PT school, my goal was to work with professional dancers.  After graduation, I moved to NYC and worked at a clinic in Manhattan.  We were the therapists for New York City Ballet, School of American Ballet, and Julliard.  We also saw tons of modern and Broadway dancers.  It was a lot of fun, and I was fortunate to work with great manual therapists.  Eventually though, I became interested in women's health and started changing my focus.  After taking courses on treatment of the pelvic floor, I saw how effective manual treatment of the pelvic floor was in helping many different lumbo/pelvic/hip problems.  I also became interested in prenatal exercise and began training to learn how to each that kind of prgram.  After four years of dance medicine, I opened my own practice with a new focus in women's health with an emphasis in prenatal/postpartum physical therapy.
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