June 22, 2009

June 11th 2009, Honeymoon Day 4

After another night with calming ocean sound, we got up on Thursday morning and had breakfast again on the Balcony. That morning was slightly colder, but we still finished the breakfast looking out to the beach. We walked on the beach a bit but not many people were there. The water was too cold to go in for a swim. We took the bus to Edgartown, got our bike and continued our journey south towards the south shore. Just before reaching the beach on the south side, we saw the resort Winnetu, which is kind of out in the middle of nowhere but has nice access the the vast shoreline and beach on the south side of the island. We stopped the bike and went lie down on the beach for a while, just relaxing. It was a perfect day to bike. Afterwards we took a different way back towards Vineyard Haven, which is another town slightly north of Oak Bluffs. This bike path passes by the airport. On the way we eat a lobster roll in a diner next to an airfield that usually takes people on a biplane ride for sightseeing. That day they were not open probably due to weather. We kept going on the bike for a while until we got to Vineyard haven. The different towns looked quite similar, I thought. We walked around town, ate an ice cream sundae, and then biked back to Oak Bluffs to return the bike 5 minutes before 6 pm, which was the due time. The rental people already went home, but we called them to say that we did not return the bike late. For dinner, we had a fisherman's platter (fried seafood) and jumbo shrimp at a restaurant called Nancy's. The restaurant was on the harbor and had a view of the boats and water. Service was good and food was good.

We went back the the beach house to rest and plan for the next day, because we didn't know where we are going next. We decided to take the airplane to Nantucket because there was no direct ferry to the island. We also found a bed and breakfast there for Friday night which was reasonablely priced. After packing we went to bed early because we had to wake up early in the morning.

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