January 2, 2009

Tux rental shops

Tuxego - Peter Harris Plaza - going for wedding consultation on Thursday 8th 7:30 pm

Tux Connection - 681 New Loudon Rd next to Meat Market

Men's Wearhouse - 18 Wolf Road

Futias Formal Wear and Custom Tailors - 251 Central Ave., Italian immagrant tailor

Mark Thomas Men's Apparel - Wolf Road Park, not sure if they do rentals

The Waldorf Tuxedo - Lark and Lancaster st. More expensive, "oldest shop in town"

Ferri Formals and Bridals - 1608 Union st. Schenectady

Choppa & Son Formal Wear - 1020 Central Ave.

Hong Kong Custom Tailors - 1531 Central Ave.

The Tuxedo consists of shirt, tie, cufflinks, vest, jacket, trouser, and shoes.

Tuxedo rentals appear to run from $50-$130

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