June 14, 2011

Swagbucks: Earning Prizes Online

 If you're like me, you would want a hassle free way to earn Amazon gift certificates online. Swagbucks is a simple way to to do just that. Swagbucks is an online program that allows you to earn "swagbucks" for searching, doing surveys, etc, and these "swagbucks" can be redeemed for gift cards, entries to sweepstakes, and other prizes. It's completely free to join and relatively easy to use. The best deal for me is earning the $5 in Amazon gift certificate for 450 swagbucks. There are several ways to earn swagbucks, here are my favorites:

1. Search Bar: 1 swagbuck per day
You can download the swagbucks search bar for your browser, and you get 1 swagbuck for each day you open up the browser. That's 1 swagbuck per day, and you don't even have to use the search engine.

2. Searching: 1 to 50 swagbucks per search, randomly awarded
If you use the swagbucks search engine for your daily searching, periodically you will be randomly awarded swagbucks. I've earned anywhere from 1 to 17 swagbucks each search. I have noticed that the swagbucks search engine contains more sponsored links than Google. If I'm doing some serious searching, I stick with Google. But for everyday searching, swagbucks works just as well.

3. Referrals: up to 100 per referral
Once you joined, you can invite your friends to join and when they earn swagbucks from searching, you get the same amount up to 100 swagbucks from each referral. Referrals can be made from emailing, facebook, or banner links like the one you see on this blog. 

4. Surveys: 50 to 250 per survey
I don't like to take surveys in general, so I have to say I haven't done many surveys from Swagbucks. However, you do get swagbucks for entering information about yourself such as type of car you have, size of family, etc. You can earn 5 to 10 swagbucks per category you enter in your profile. These profile characteristics that you enter helps them narrow down types of surveys that you qualify for. If you take surveys that you qualify for, you can earn more swagbucks, between 50 to 250 swagbucks per survey. I haven't qualified for any surveys at the time of this posting, but I also haven't tried very hard. You can earn 1 swagbuck per day just by visiting the survey section of the swagbucks website.

5. Purchases: up to thousands, depending on type of purchase
When you make purchases online through the swagbucks website, you can earn swagbucks as well. I've never done this because I don't believe in buying something just to earn points, or in this case swagbucks. However, if you know you will buy something regardless, why not go through the swagbucks website and earn some swagbucks  in the process? You can also earn swagbucks for purchasing Groupons in your area.

6. Others: There are a bunch of other ways to earn swagbucks, such as watching SwagbucksTV online, following swagbucks on twitter and submitting tweets, doing tasks such as finding an image online or evaluating search engines. 

I don't think anyone can get rich from using Swagbucks, but if you put some time into it, you can earn some cool rewards. I mainly just use it for searching, and I don't mind waiting a few months before earning enough swagbucks to get $5 on Amazon. But hey, its $5 from Amazon for almost no effort. And if you put use some of the other methods, you can earn even faster. So go ahead, give it a try, and let me know how you make out!

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