May 30, 2011

Amazon Mom

I first starting shopping at in college getting deals on textbooks online. Who would have thought that I would be ordering everything from diapers and wipes, to DVD player and organic pesticide. I love the Amazon Mom program, it's truly amazing.

It's easy to enroll, just follow this link: Amazon Mom and sign up. For one, you get free Amazon Prime (FREE 2 day shipping) membership for 3 months when you first sign up. You can extend your Prime membership for up to 1 year by earning 1 extra month for every $25 you spend in the Amazon Baby store. With a newborn at home, it wasn't exactly easy to make a trip to Walmart when I needed something. I can tell you it's great to know that your extra blankets will show up by Wednesday afternoon if you order them Monday night. I always liked shopping online, but the first few months with Micah, we even ordered our soap and shampoo online. I'm so addicted now, other than groceries, I'll check Amazon first for pretty much anything I need. Plus, Paul also takes advantage of my Prime membership for anything from garden tools to camera accessories.

Needless to say, I also made my baby registry on Amazon. They pretty much have everything under the sun. If that's not enough, you can even add things onto your registry from any other website. Just install the handy Universal Registry Button, and mark anything you come across online. Another thing I love about the Amazon registry is the 10% completion discount that begins 30 days prior to the Baby Arrival Date you entered in your Baby Registry and expires 60 days after the Baby Arrival Date. You can add items to your registry anytime, you can add those items that you didn't realize you needed even after your baby is born. This is a one-time discount that applies to Baby Store items on your registry so make sure you add everything you need to your cart before checking out.

Amazon also has THE best deal of diapers and wipes with its Subscribe and Save program, giving you 30% off list price. Subscribe and Save also works for prenatal vitamins, toilet paper, dishwashing detergent, etc. Managing the subscription is also easy. You can cancel , adjust the delivery schedule (every 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, 6 month), and add a shipment anytime.

What's even more amazing than all of that is FREE returns on all items sold by Amazon for up to one year. Returns are easy, just type in the order number and print out a shipping label and drop off at a nearby UPS drop box. If it was a gift, you'll get a gift card in your email, if you purchased it, you will get a refund on your credit card. This is great for those items that you don't know if you'll need but good to have just in case.

If you're a new mom or mom-to-be, I highly recommend checking out Amazon Mom and save yourself some effort and time. Any thoughts? Please leave a comment!


  1. This is wonderful! Does it get cheaper than Sams club?

  2. Hi Preeti! We don't have the Sam's Club card, so not sure how to compare. For diapers, we pay about $0.19 per diaper, if you know the Sam's club price per diaper, you can easily compare. The added perk of Amazon mom is that you don't have to make a trip to the store! It comes right to your door, which is super helpful! =)

    Also, we like the brand "nature babycare" by Naty ( It's disposable, but biodegradable, and breathable! We use it at night, (cloth diapers are not absorbant enough for us). We love this brand, Micah never had diaper rash wearing this brand! I don't think its available from Sam's club though.


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