May 11, 2011

2 months vaccines

Micah is so brave! Yesterday, he got two shots, one in each leg, at 11am. He cried of course with each shot, (one was Dtap and the other was Hepatitis B) but he was better after nursing a bit in the doctor's office. Both he and I took a nap after coming home and I asked Paul to get infant Tylenol as the Doctor recommended. It's interesting though that apparently it's hard to find infant Tylenol now (does anyone know why?), so he got the generic verion instead, which should work the same though. It was $8 (!) kind of expensive for a small bottle. Paul also found that the closest CVS closed down due to renovation, so he had to go to a different one.

Micah started crying almost inconsolably around 3:30pm. I tried putting him to the breast and all he would do is cry and cry. He sometimes does that when he's gassy or too sleepy or too hungry, but I could always calm him after a few minutes by rocking and walking around. This time he would just cry and cry no matter what I or my mom did to sooth him. Finally after about an hour, he calmed down and went to sleep, but would only sleep in someone's arms and would wake up if we try to put him down. (this is also unusual.) he woke up around 5pm, we nursed successfully (yay!), I was so glad to give him some milk for some strength, and it also helped to relax him. He slept again in my arms as Paul and my mom made dinner.  We ate, and he didn't get fussy again until around 7pm, which is exactly when he should be eating anyway. He cried and cried again, so more bouncing despite the sore arms. We nursed again and after that, he went into his usual sleep mode, meaning deep sleep on the bed (snuggle nest). We changed him and put him to bed, thankfully, he then followed his normal night routine for the rest of the night!! Waking up only twice to nurse around 2am and 5:30am and go back to sleep immediately afterwards.

He is still sleeping now, hopefully he will have a good day today. We are so proud, he didn't even end up needing the infant Tylenol, his fever only went up to 100.5F (measured under his neck at 98.5F, the doc told us you should add 2 degrees to get the standard rectal temperature). We are so lucky to have brave and strong little Micah!


  1. Hi Jenn! I love your blog. :) I think you can't find infant Tylenol because a while ago they found metal residues in the production process or something. Anyways, I'm glad Micah didn't have a strong reaction to the shots. Summer was the same way, but my friend's baby always got high fevers and was very fussy. I'll call you soon so we can talk babies!

  2. Hi Lauren! Glad to hear from you! Interesting about infant Tylenol, I guess metal residue is not a good thing. Can't wait to catch up!


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