July 28, 2009

June 14th 2009 Honeymoon Day 7 (last day)

Sunday was the last day of our honeymoon. We booked a flight back to New Bedford in the afternoon, but we still have many things that we wanted to do. In the morning we went on a Van Tour by Gail. She said her mother started the tour business on a buggy in the 1920's, and she took over the business many years ago. She drives the van around the island and tells stories about the buildings, landmark, the people who lives around there, and where are the things worth seeing later. One interesting thing we learned was that Nantucket has a cranberry industry. The way they harvest them is to flood the growing area with water so the berrys float on the surface and that makes picking them much easier. Gail also explained that the island is constantly being eroded away and many houses on the edge of the shore either get washed away or had to be relocated. Those houses are very expensive, and sometimes they will pay another owner to move their house so they can move the house from shore to the lot across the street.

After we came back from the tour, we went to get lunch. We went to a restaurant called the Brotherhood of Thieves. They have a pub feel and the restaurant looks like completely under another building, so it has a tight-quarter feel but not in a bad way. Food was good and service was fast. I find that every restaurant on Nantucket had very good food, but they are also pricy. I think everything on the island is extra pricy due to the type of people who live there and vacation there. In comparison, things are Martha's Vineyard were not so "upper-class".

It was time to fly back to the mainland. We got a taxi and very quickly we were on our way to New Bedford. The flight was about 30 minutes and it was a clear day, so we could see from the airplane the ocean and the different islands beneath us. It was a nice flight. Once on land we had to call and wait for a taxi because the New Bedford airport is such a small airport that even parking is free. Funny that our destination is the parking lot for the ferry.

I was happy to see my car in the parking lot. We loaded the trunk with luggage and head back home. When we got back to Albany, we decided to take our sea bass to Shining Rainbow for them to cook us a dish. We actuall had them cook it in two different dishes, although they turn out to be kind of similar. We also ordered some other food to go and had an easy dinner at home.

To finish the week with a relaxing evening, we rented a movie from Redbox and I was glad to be home.

Overall, the trip was a lot of fun, and right on budget. There were many cloudy days and the water was too cold to swim, but I think we got the most out of what was available to us. It really doesn't matter where we go, as long as we have each other, we will have fun.

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