July 7, 2009

June 12th 2009 Honeymoon Day 5

The flight to Nantucket was in the early morning, so we got up at around 8 AM, grabbed a quick breakfast, and rolled our luggage towards the bus station, which was a short 5 minutes walk. We got on the bus, paid $2 each person, and took a nice ride to the airport, which is located in the middle of the island. The airport is as simple as can be. There was no security check, no bag check, because everything is carry-on. The Cape Air counter agent told us that the fog is forcing the airport to be closed and no plane can fly until the visibility picks up. There are people who waited since 6 in the morning to fly to Nantucket. We waited for about an hour before they told us to board. The plane is a 7 passenger 1-engine turboprop. The luggage gets put in the wings and in front of the cockpit. I was sitting in the front row, right behind the pilot, and looking at the pilot working with the flight controls was interesting. The small plane and the fog made me nervous, even though I knew it was probably as safe as any other flight. The flying was a short 30 minutes. Upon landing, the plane was in the fog the whole time except the last 10 seconds before touchdown. Both Jenn and I were amazed by the pilot's skills without much of the modern electronics to guide the plane.

We took a taxi from the Nantucket airport to our next bed and breakfast: Union Inn. On Nantucket the only town is the Nantucket town, so it is simply "the Town". Union Inn is located in the town and the town itself is very walkable. The innkeeper was very friendly and welcoming; he told us what we could do for the two days we are on the island. The Inn looked like an old house with large wooden planks for the floor that made it uneven, and our room was on the second floor with a detached bathroom. They made the bathroom look very modern with glass door shower and large mirror on the walls.

One of the things the innkeeper told us about was fishing trip. There are boats that take people out to sea for a 3 hour fishing trip, and that sounded like fun, so we went. They are called Just Do It Too. Apparently there is another one called Just Do It on the shore of Cape Cod somewhere. We went out to sea at 4pm. On the way, we saw a colony of sea lions on the beach. They watched us as we passed by, with fishing poles in the water trying to catch some blue fish. We stopped at a ship wreckage spot to fish for sea bass. It was pouring rain while we caught a few sea bass. Good thing we had our yellow Black Dog raincoats on, only the bottom half of our bodies were soaked. Jenn kept getting spider crabs but those we don't keep, so we just throw it back in. On the way back, we used yet a different pole to catch strip bass. The ones we caught were too small to keep, so we put it back to the water. After all is done, we came back with a bag of sea bass filet. The captain of the boat told us we can prepare the filet with lime juice and tomato. We went to the nearby supermarket to buy the ingredients and an ice box to keep the fish. We decided to eat the fish for dinner, so we tried marinating the fish in our room, while watching TV. After about an hour of preparation, the fish turned from a translucent color to an opaque white. We ate it with diced tomatoes, french bread, onions, and champagne. They went together nicely.

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