December 14, 2008

Wedding To Do List (9-12 Months)

Jenn's comments in red
  • Announce Engagement - 60% - in progress
  • DONE: Select Wedding Date - 6.6.09
  • Hire wedding consultant/coordinator - not sure if we need a coordinator
  • DONE: Determine wedding type - mainly western/Christian (with some Asian details in the decor, not decided yet)
  • DONE: Determine wedding location - Schenectady, NY
  • DONE: Determine # of guests - 80-100 for formal reception, 200+ for ceremony and church reception
  • DONE: Determine wedding formality - formal (with a quirky flaire, more to come...)
  • DONE: Determine wedding time of day - 3pm ceremony, 3:45 church reception, 5pm formal reception, 6pm dinner
  • Determine budget & how expenses will be shared - Aim for half/half between Paul and Jenn's parents. Jenn's parents will pay for dinner reception and ceremony. Paul will pay for Church reception and rehearsal dinner and honeymoon.
  • Develop a record keeping system for payments - need to do this
  • DONE: Create an approximate # guest list - preliminary list of names compiled
  • DONE: Decide if you will be inviting children or not - Children over 10 yrs. old
  • DONE: Select and reserve ceremony site - First Reformed Church, Schenectady
  • DONE: Select and book Officiant/Priest/Minister/Rabbi - Most likely Pastor Rick from Vineyard Church in Albany
  • DONE: Select and book reception location - The Stockade Inn
  • DONE: Select and order bridal gown - still need to be altered though
  • DONE: Determine color scheme - Coral with bright yellow, orange, red, hot pink
  • Obtain, passports, visas, birth certificates, any documents need for travel and/or marriage licenses - we are both naturalized US citizens, need to find out about requirement for marriage license.


  1. Only 6 months left so far, we're already behind schedule!!

  2. The stuff in this check list is mind boggling. Take a deep breath to keep sane.


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