December 14, 2008

Wedding To Do List (6-9 Months)

Jenn's comments in red
  • Select and book caterer, if needed - need to decide on Catering for the Church reception, Paul will lead this
  • DONE: Select and book photographer - Imagine Portrait Studio
  • Select wedding party - in progress
  • Bridesmaids: Diane Chang, Dee Hu, Grace Lai, Maggie So, Rita Shulman
    Groomsmen: Jonathan, Ming, ...
  • Give wedding party a list of their responsibilities - need to do this
  • Select attire or bridesmaids & flower girl - Bridesmaids done, need to find flower girl still
  • Select attire for mothers of the bride and groom - Bride's mom is doing this
  • Select and book ceremony musicians - need to contact Charlie Moose, the church organist. Thinking about strings quartet or harpist. Maybe Caroline will sing something, if she can come.
  • Select and book live band or DJ for reception - live band would be cool, or we can make a mix of MP3's, Ting Yu will be our volunteer DJ friend.
  • IN Progress: Select and book videography - probably only for ceremony
  • Select and book florist - Pricechopper, Felthousen, in progress
  • Register for your wedding gifts (this can be done sooner) We are tentatively decide against wedding gifts for now, we'll opt for gifts towards several funds, currently undecided. I'm also thinking of an option to donate a portion of the funds to a charity. So far thinking 10% to church.

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  1. Hey! Who are the groomsmen? Do they do anything? Hmm... have you decided on the color of your wedding yet?


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