December 14, 2008

Wedding To Do List (4-6 Months)

Jenn's comments in red
  • DONE: Schedule fittings for custom made bridesmaids gowns - bridesmaids gowns have been bought from J Crew
  • DONE: Arrange marriage prep-courses, if necessary - meeting with pastor Rick and read book and do exercises, now on chapter 2: Saving your marriage before it starts by Les and Leslie Parrott
  • Reserve rental items - need to contact party supply vendor for tables, chairs, linen, etc., NO NEED, Stockade Inn package will cover this
  • Select and book decorator - we will do this ourselves, with help from bridal party. Specificts to be determined
  • Finalize an A and B list of guests - Current potential guest list is about 200
  • DONE: Select and order invitations and other wedding stationary - invitation from Simply Elegant
  • Set date, time and location for rehearsal dinner - Date will be June 5th around 6pm. Paul will book this.
  • Select and book honeymoon night suite - not sure if we need this?
  • Arrange accommodations for out-of-town guests - 18 rooms at the Stockade Inn are blocked, other area hotels available, Hampton Inn and Parker Inn all within 10min walking distance.
  • Start planning your honeymoon - oh really? (yeah, really!!), Paul will do this
  • Shop for your wedding gifts to each other -
  • Shop for your wedding gifts to your wedding party -
  • Shop for your wedding gifts to your parents -
  • Buy shoes, lingerie and accessories for the bride - Shoes is done
  • Buy shoes and accessories for the bridesmaids -
  • Select and order wedding bands -
  • Take dance lessons - ballroom dance lessons start at GE gym on Jan 26th, for 8 weeks, need to pick song and start choreographing and learning first dance
  • Take some photos of Paul and Jenn together - need to do more...


  1. How do you like the new template?

  2. It's great! Classy and formal. You are awesome.


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