December 14, 2008

Wedding Reception Time and Place

Status: Tentative
Date: June 6, 2009
Time: 5 pm
Venue: Saratoga Springs Mansion
Contact: Event planner - Shannon Rose (518) 885-1607 or 378-9539

Capacity: 50 inside, 150 on deck

  • Renting the mansion for 2 nights & breakfast for guests staying at the mansion -$4130 (required, 12 rooms sleeps 24)
  • Reception - $65 / person (depending on customizable menu)
  • 5 hr. Open bar - $27 / person
  • Ceremony can be added for $15 / person ($1500 min.)
  • Need to rent tables, chairs, and linen.
  • $1500 deposit to secure the date
Vendor referals:


  1. How about 4:30, or 5:30, or 6pm?

    I read that according to Chinese tradition, its good luck to have weddings on the half hour, cuz time is on its up-swing. Or how about 6pm, because then it would be 6/6 at 6pm...

  2. Also not sure if I want open bar... is that a recipe for disaster? How about cash bar?

  3. Oh, I never heard the up-swing thing. I think it should be between 5 or 6 and last 5 hours.

    I will ask about the different beverage options. One thing for sure is we can't bring our own alcohol, otherwise they could lose their license to serve alcohol.

  4. The place looks great! I think having a wedding in a mansion is an awesome idea! Def one of the ideas for my own wedding too :D.

    Regarding the open bar, I think it largely depends on the guest list. Can you share the prelimary guest list yet? Think you can indicate for each one if he/she will benefit largely from open bar. I think unless a significant portion would, I would be cost effective to consider cash bar or partial cash bar (free 1 or 2 drinks). Hope this helps!

    Reception center piece wise, can you make it multi-choice? I like several options in there!


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