December 24, 2008

Parents Visit Success!

Paul: Yay! I drove from Albany to Ithaca to Cleveland to Ithaca to Albany. Our parents met for the first time and it went smoothly. We all seem to have a good time.

Jenn: Although we've both met each other's parents before, this was the first time that the parents met each other. We made a list of do and don'ts for topics to talk about, although I don't think they followed it, they seem to enjoy each other's company and had a lot to talk about. Paul's dad gave us two books: "
Letters to Karen" and "Letters to Philip" by Charlie Shedd, a Christian pastor's advice to his children on a successful marriage. Amy (Paul's sister) gave us a very sweet gift, a hand made glass candle holder with sand, and a cool luggage shaped card. My parents got towels, bath and body products, and macadamia nuts. We took pictures of the two families, we'll post them soon. On Monday Paul and I took his Dad to the airport to go back to Hawaii, and Paul's dad talked about quiting smoking (we pray that he can be successful!). Lili (Paul's mom), Amy, Paul, and I went for Thai food on Coventry Rd. and antique shopping, then try to go to the Botanical Garden and Museum of Art, but unfortunately discovered that they were both closed on Mondays. We also had Pastor Chou, (from our Cleveland church) come to our home to pray for us. We even cut Paul's hair (I think it was a 4 person job!). All in all it was a fun and fruitful time.

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